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    Construction of Tianjin AIMA Bikes Co., Ltd. and AIMA Zhejiang Subsidiary Expended its strength not only in E-bike but also in high-end bicycle AIMA maintained No. 1 on sales volume for 4 consecutive years, with sales of 3,060,000 units in 2012 AIMA brand got to win the consumer’s trust and become a big brand.


    AIMA set up its industrial plate layout---base on Tianjin, root in Jiangsu/Zhejiang, consider Huanghuai, penetrate in South China. AIMA prepared to establish Dongguan plant(in Guangdong province) and Shangqiu plant (in Henan province) as well as continuously improved R&D center of Jiangsu Subsidiary in order to reach “local requisition, local production”.


    AIMA Technology, (Jinghai) plant was put into use, covering an area of 400,000 square meters. It consisted of R&D center, manufacture, warehouse logistics and production lines with welding, plastic injection, liquid painting and assembly, which was a production center of high-end bikes, E-bikes, and E-tricycles.


    We expanded the sales channel in North, East & South China with:
    a. Colorful products
    b. Improved 4S stores
    c. Choosing Jay Zhou to be the Celebrity endorsement
    d. AIMA slogan.


    AIMA E-bike franchised stores have covered main market of Shandong, Henan, and Jiangsu provinces.


    AIMA E-bike marketing team was formed which laid a solid foundation future business.


    According to the new Road Traffic Safety Law, E-bike will be included in the non-motor vehicle management category. AIMA, whose main business was bicycle, grasped this opportunity to approach E-bike market and finally become a leader of the industry.

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