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    AIMA Winning Two Awards on Financial Summit

    June 20, 2013 in order to "find the upward force" as the theme of the 2013 (second session) China Finance Summit & 'in date brand ceremony to pay tribute to China Dream "in Beijing come to an end. Summit by the China Finance Summit Organizing Committee joint numerous domestic and international public and professional media work together to build, the summit was a sharing of wisdom, stirring thoughts annual financial event, but also a tribute ceremony to pass mainstream commercial values.
    The summit also has a number of outstanding contributions and influence of the enterprise, making recognition and awards. AIMA electric car in the electric vehicle industry as the only winners on the summit with the Guangdong Development Bank, Heinz Group, owner of electrical appliances and a number of well-known brands on the same stage to accept the award, took home the "2013 Best Corporate Brand Award" and "2013 industry Award for the most influential." Awards obtained not only highlights the social recognition of the brand power of AIMA, AIMA is more important as the industry leader in electric vehicles, the industry leader in its development plays an important role in the recognition and praise.

    Wealth Summit AIMA won two awards

    Wealth How to achieve the dream of the charm of China, which requires a large number of powerful, insightful and influential brands and businesses to jointly promote and build. Summit expected through the forum to share, annual tribute in the form of the current Chinese economy paint self-portraits, for the future of Chinese economic painting designs, but also look forward through the tremendous contributions and achievements of some companies in their respective field of development made to give recognition to highlight the brand appeal to China's future economic development.
    AIMA electric car industry for many years as a leader of the enterprise, regardless of the brand or influence on the strength of enterprises have become the dominant industry, the healthy and orderly development of the electric car industry has a great contribution.
    The summit leaders in government, international organizations and NGO leaders, and foreign investment institutions responsible, well-known experts and scholars, 500, an excellent representative of the state-owned and private enterprises of more than 500 people, more than 100 media to witness the next, AIMA won "2013 best Corporate brand Award" and "2013 most Influential industry Award" award obtain social recognition of AIMA, but AIMA is over the years to promote the electric vehicle industry development achievements affirmed.  AIMA won two awards

    Best corporate brand image AIMA achievement industrial future

    The AIMA won the "2013 Best Corporate Brand Award", is AIMA brand recognition over the years focused on upgrading and social responsibility.
    As China's high-end image of electric vehicles on behalf of AIMA, not only has the industry's most dynamic, the most fashionable products, but also has the industry's most trends, the most beautiful corporate image. From 2012, AIMA costly terminal outlets in various regions of the country, setting off a "beautiful action" as the theme of the terminal renovation action. From the door, to the logo, to improve every part of the image that have made further Liang of AIMA. In AIMA, driven by the country this year many brands have also joined the ranks of the terminal renovation, and strive to fully face, gain market recognition.
    In addition, when the earthquake, the earthquake Ya'an, AIMA employee donations to launch the first time, in the fastest time will be AIMA's warmth to the affected areas; care for children left behind in terms of AIMA actively helping hand , practice the "love without size, immediate action" responsibility commitment. On taxes, as the industry's first enterprise tax of more than billion, AIMA reveals to their own actions electric car companies return to the community, warm Chinese wish.
    It is in this AIMA has paid attention to the external image of the brand, more attention to the development of the concept of corporate social responsibility, which makes AIMA in the minds of consumers and society came to a deep imprint, affecting the industry in the future.

    AIMA industry's most influential industry with strength dream cast

    From enterprise creation date, AIMA has been true to his dreams and future.
    The first-year sales of more than 3 million businesses, the first four-star service for certification, the first cooperation with CCTV, etc. These are huge reflects overall strength of AIMA.
    AIMA strategic adjustments every times are deeply affect the future development of the industry from brand building, to product development, from market development to marketing innovation. Over the years it is in AIMA's continuous efforts and struggle, the electric car industry brought out a new vitality to the right direction towards a more healthy development.
    AIMA in the electric vehicle industry this year launched the electric car industry responsibility initiatives, the majority of electric vehicles peer recognition, in order to further enhance the overall sense of responsibility for the industry, the industry healthy and orderly environment, played a huge role in promoting.
    AIMA is now under the influence of electric vehicles and promote the electric car industry is full of a new life, a new future!
    Everyone has a beautiful dream, constantly on the road trip before the Chinese economy, we see more and more scientific dream, the dream of reform, innovation, dream, green dream, a dream ...... that everybody dreams of charity combined, is Beautiful Chinese direction, is the beautiful Chinese dream. And with AIMA as a representative and leader of the electric vehicle industry, after ten years of development, are known and trusted toward his dream direction.

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