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    AIMA Attending The China Brand Leader Summit

    AIMA Technology Co., Ltd., leader of the E-bike industry, maintaining top 1 on C-BPI list for 4 years, was the only one of E-bike industry invited to China Brand Leader Summit on November 23, 2013. The summit was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and held in Beijing National Conference Center.

    The summit was opened at 9:30.At 10:30, Mr. Zong Yi, General Manager of AIMA Brand Operations Center came to accept the award and then announced brand statements together with leaders of Samsung, Tencent, Great Wall Lubricating Oil, and Yon Ho. He referred to the following opinions when talking about The Rise of National Brands:

    E-bike was included in the non-motor vehicle management category according to the new Road Traffic Safety Law enacted in 2004. Now E-bike has become major means of transport.

    AIMA, based on its advanced R&D, large capacity, continuous investment in channel building and brand marketing, and unique “AIMA Style”, has created a legend of promoting sales volume by 2,500-fold during 45 month. AIMA has held the top spot of sales volume for 5 consecutive years since 2009 and took the lead to hit 3M E-bikes sales target in 2012. AIMA is the most reliable E-bike brand for customers.

    AIMA E-Bike looks nice and chic, what’s more important is that AIMA E-bikes are lead in the quality. AIMA Longranger 1000 ran over 500 kilometers, longer than any other E-Bike. AIMA has established AM standard which is higher than national standard and has also established a strategic partnership with Bosch, Samsung and other world's leading technology enterprises.

    In services, AIMA is one of seven enterprises of the E-bike industry including Haier endowed with 4-star level after-sales service authentication.

    All these above are the national brands’ experience of rise and winning the trust and love of customers, which also lay a solid foundation for AIMA to be leader of E-bike industry.

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