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    AIMA New Products Amazing Tianjin Show

    Chinese bicycle industry's annual event - the 14th China bicycle show was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center from Mar 28 to 30. As China's E-bike industry benchmark, the show brings together leading brands of the industry, for instance, AIMA. AIMA 6 new major products amazed the show and absorbed the attention of media and visitors.

    Since its foundation in 1999, AIMA has devoted itself to R&D and manufacture of sports bikes, E-bikes and E-tricycles and other low carbon means of transport. “Constantly leading the innovative trend is the most important competitiveness of AIMA, which can be fully explained by its 6 new major products on the show.” said a senior professional of E-bike industry. “AIMA holds three-carriage strategy for its brand operation in 2014, which targets to enhance the competitiveness of its E-bike, E-scooter and sports bikes.

    Nowadays, competition in E-bike industry is becoming increasingly fierce, but AIMA E-bikes and E-scooters are way ahead of those of other brands. Why? One of AIMA staff said that what attribute to AIMA’s excellence are AIMA’s 6 advantages on sales volume, quality, technology, service, design and brand influence. In addition, AIMA latest fashion bike – MIX BIKE will definitely set a trend for the young generation because of their craze for Korean dramas.

    On the Tianjin Bicycle Show, AIMA exhibited six new E-bikes which targeted to meet diversified demands of customers, amazing both customers and peers. In this regard, one said: "E-bike enterprises usually develop new products based on generic model; otherwise they can at most develop molds to launch 2-3 new types of products, while AIMA launches 6. It’s amazing! Only leading enterprises like AIMA can achieve this.”

    Experts predict that the next few years, AIMA is expected to enlarge the gap between itself and other brands rank lower. AIMA invites Jay Chou and Korean superstar to be the celebrity endorsement, which greatly attracts attentions of the young generation. Everyone wants to own an AIMA E-bike!

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