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    AIMA Being Honored of Creditworthiness Enterprise by CCA

    From enterprise creation date, AIMA has been true to his dreams and future. The first-year sales of more than 3 million businesses, was the first four-star AIMA from its inception, all the way to join the sun Emma heroic, gently, happily walked quickly coming, with persistent, honest, warm, warm service every consumer with high quality, safe, stylish electric car shine every consumer before the road trip. As a Chinese well-known trademarks, AIMA gathered advanced technology and talent, sitting five bases, with the country's leading high-quality resources for AIMA products laid a strong technological advantages, while AIMA has a strong terminal channel resources, its four-star class service popular.

    February 18, 2014, AIMA won by the China Consumer Protection Foundation awarded the "2014 Annual quality and trustworthy -3 • 15 assured units," the honorary title. China Consumer Protection Foundation believes that AIMA has a sound service system, assiduous in providing consumers with high-quality insurance products in the process, the customer satisfaction as the ultimate measure of the work. As an active corporate social responsibility, AIMA has been to provide quality service and maintain the legitimate interests of consumers as the focus of the work, the cooperative factory for layers of screening, product quality checks at each level, the effective protection of rights and interests of consumers, enhance the quality of life of consumers, with confidence and determination practical action to return customers.

    Meanwhile, the spirit of heart users, care users, Thanksgiving user's purpose, "AIMA Miles Attachment Service Dealers of spring all the way to send" 315 point inspection service nationwide free campaign officially started, each one carried AIMA electric car comprehensive and detailed safety inspection and maintenance time for the user to exclude vehicle safety hazards, so that every one good AIMA electric car driving experience can be extended. In addition, each participating family, AIMA, will gain an extra joy - AIMA souvenir gift 1! Between March 1 to March 29 date tour across the country to carry out, if you love the neon flashing rural countryside, Mo must wait, riding AIMA, a big step forward, sprinkle the dream in the sun, will neon ribbons stretching to the horizon, to the freedom to dip in it!
    AIMA awarded China Consumer Protection Foundation "2014 quality and trustworthy - 3.15 Satisfaction Unit" honorary title in recognition of AIMA in establishing industry standards, integrity and for the people, to lead the healthy development of the industry benchmark for other aspects of the exemplary role played by this AIMA is the largest consumer recognition and affirmation, AIMA expect more consumers to strengthen consumer awareness and social consciousness quality supervision, Build quality levee, sharing a harmonious society; strengthen market integrity services, and raise the overall level of quality of service, gradually in the whole society honesty, integrity as the most important good habits.
    AIMA hopes to make the city a small sun-drenched day, and give each person the same temperature and the heat, the future, I hope there is always a warm touch of the sun passing over you! If you wish, along with AIMA pick streaks of sunlight, pull drip dream, depicting a hope, the way to the dawn of love unreservedly sprinkled on a dream journey!

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